Problems That A University Student Face


Students think that university life is good and enjoyable but when they have to face it, it seems the difficult one. Many students need to go abroad for their higher education but the first and foremost problem they have to face is student housing in Perth. Finding a suitable place is not as easy as finding the best university. Students have to do a long struggle for it. The preferable choice is always getting university accommodation but mostly there is not enough space to facilitate every student in university hostels. So students have to find a new place on their own.


With the passage of time quality education is continuously getting expensive. Every student cannot even pay the complete tuition fee. Such students mostly wait for the scholarship or they need to do some jobs to earn money. They also have to pay university residence dues. No doubt every student does not have to face such situations but mostly those you study outside their city have to deal with them. Such students also require money for travels and daily life needs. Visit for further information regarding university accommodation in Melbourne.


Most students do not admit it but at some time every student experience homesickness. The loneliness and daily study without meeting family put the student in homesickness. They always want to go to home as soon as possible. This problem mostly found in first-year students who freshly leave their homes.

 Health issues and depressions

Student living far from home mostly do not care for their health and diet. They do not eat properly or they do not follow healthy routines. Late-night sleep is a common issue among university students. All this lead them toward depression and stress. Then things get worse when they get sick and no one cares for him/herself like the guardians do. They have to take care of themselves on their own. Thus the sadness increase and they have to face more problems. 


The study is a major problem for students. Every student instead of just brilliant ones do not like to study for a long time. They do not even bear the lectures for more than half an hour. University students have to deal with more assignments and tasks than the schools. Many universities try to cover the long syllabuses in a short period. This increases the burden on students and they do not have much time for their personal life. 


During hostelling friends or roommates have much importance to live happily. Spending time with friends is always good but the whole day and night can be a challenge. There can be many misunderstandings between them. Sometimes the things get worse between them but no matter what they have to live like siblings.