Steps To Become A Good Best Man

Steps To Become A Good Best Man

Being a best man is no easy task. As much as you are greatly proud of yourself, with it comes great responsibility. You have many activities to take care of; before, during and after the wedding. You might feel a bit stressed once it dawns on you the commitment you’ve taken up and the activities you have to perform to ensure the ceremonies go smoothly. So here are some of the ways to become a good best man.

Organize the bachelor party

This can be the event that the groom is most interested in. After all the cake tasting, deciding on flower décor and fitting on tuxedos, he must be exhausted with the wedding arrangements and hence is looking forward to relax and enjoy spending time with his buddies. So, you need to pick an activity that everyone can enjoy, especially the groom since it’s all about him. You don’t have to drive up to Vegas for nightclubs, strippers and drinks. You can arrange another activity such as camping, road trips, hunting, fishing at best fishing spots etc. Trying something extreme such as skydiving, bungee jumping, cave diving etc. are also fun as long as you guys will be safe. Pick a date that is not too close to the wedding and hold the party on a weekend so everyone can join. Make sure you have a proper budget in hand and make a guest list well in advance. You can ask the other guests to contribute for the party.

Prepare for the wedding

After the bucks party ideas Brisbane come the serious part; the wedding arrangements. Usually, if you are a part of the bridal party, your clothes will be provided. However if you are not, you will have to arrange for a tuxedo or any suit that matches the occasion. Attend the wedding rehearsal so you know exactly how the ceremony will be held. Ask for the agenda from the wedding planner so you know when each activity is going on. You might need to run around on the wedding day to make sure everything is in place so be ready for it. also, prepare your speech and practice so that it goes smoothly.

Fulfill wedding duties

Ensure you have all the necessary items with such as the rings and a portable sewing kit for any emergency malfunctions. The groom is surely in a lot of pressure so keep him calm and away from alcohol and cigarettes. Ask the groom if there’s anything to be done. Maybe he left his coat back in the car or the photographer needs to be paid. Be available to render any help. Decorate the wedding vehicle elegantly. Give your toast and enjoy the rest of the evening.

Vacation Goals To Nail This Year

Vacation Goals To Nail This Year

Everyone has their own vacation goals they have built over the years. Some people even from their childhood they must have had wishes to fulfill. But don’t you think it is time to finally put some of those wishes into action. We all have that compulsory vacation that we all plan to go every year. From graduation trip to bachelor’s party trip we keep planning different kind of trips with our buddies. But what if it all falls during your vacation period, where will you go? That’s the question that should be answered.

Road trip
Take that road trip you always wanted to go. With no specific destination but going with the hope that each and every stop is going to be amazing. Road trips can give you loads and loads of memories that you can cherish for your entire life time. Because it is the one full package which enables you do to several activities, visit as many places as possible, meet different people who belongs to different cultures, all with your loved ones.

Doesn’t that sound amazing? Well! It’s not only limited to that, you can pull off your caravan by the beach and go do scuba diving whenever you want. Hence when you plan too much, things don’t really happen but when you stop planning and just start doing it everything starts happening. So stay close to your friends this vacation and explore the habited and uninhabited lands or even the uninhabited islands. Who told that a road trip should just be on the road? You can pause your vehicle for a while and take that boat to an island close by and do some fishing. You can also grill those fish and eat it in the old styles. At the end of the day the moments you enjoyed are the ones that would really matter.

Boat trip
Boat trips can be fun too. Especially if there are yachts that are arranged by islands to go island hopping, do to snorkeling and throw some mind-blowing boat parties with unlimited food and drinks. If you haven’t experienced one of those parties, then there you go! Hop into a boat and enjoy your vacation. There are also many yachts who have experts for tourists who are interested in padi diving course.

They will also show you around under water, the beautiful corals and different species that belong under water. Most tourists love doing this and you will not be an exception. If you feel a little hesitant about jumping just like that, since most discovery channels have scared you enough. This is the moment to ask yourself a few questions as to what are you scared of? Because, unless you try to break the barrier that stops you from doing what you want, you can never be able to do it or nobody else can help you with it.Therefore, this year you should totally nail your vacation goals by going on that boat trip or road trip!

Exciting Proposal Ideas

Exciting Proposal Ideas

If you have finally made the decision to pop the big question to the love of your life, it is important that you find a creative way of doing it. Of course, creative does not necessarily mean expensive and you should keep in mind that your partner does not and should not expect you to spend a massive amount of money on a proposal and yet, you can make it creative and memorable because this is a day that you are both going to remember for the rest of your lives. If there is a place that is of special significance to you and your partner as a couple, you might even want to consider proposing in that particular location. It is important however that you do not make it a public proposal because these tend to go wrong sometimes and you do not want to make it awkward for both of you.

On the sea

Proposing on the sea is an amazing thing to do and it will certainly add that touch of magic to the whole night. You should be able to find some tours that go out to sea and if you manage to book a place on one of these tours, you should be able to get the deal for a reasonable price. However, it is important that you do not book tours like fishing tours because these are very unethical practices and you do not want to start your new life with something that is as unethical as that.

Instead, look for charter boats that go out to sea and take passengers with them where you will be able to book a place for both of you. If you inform the crew of your plans, they will likely be willing to help to make the event memorable for you. When you are out at sea, it is important that you do not use things like balloons and plastic decorations to make the event pretty because these things can end up in the ocean and cause much destruction. Instead keep it simple and try to organize a nice dinner on board the board with champagne and maybe candle light. If you do have some money to invest, you might find boats that specifically offer these services and are already equipped for hosting a magical night. They will already have the caterers, the tables and everything else that you will need for the night and all you will have to do is to book the whole package and there will be nothing else that you will have to do from your end.