Exciting Proposal Ideas

If you have finally made the decision to pop the big question to the love of your life, it is important that you find a creative way of doing it. Of course, creative does not necessarily mean expensive and you should keep in mind that your partner does not and should not expect you to spend a massive amount of money on a proposal and yet, you can make it creative and memorable because this is a day that you are both going to remember for the rest of your lives. If there is a place that is of special significance to you and your partner as a couple, you might even want to consider proposing in that particular location. It is important however that you do not make it a public proposal because these tend to go wrong sometimes and you do not want to make it awkward for both of you.

On the sea

Proposing on the sea is an amazing thing to do and it will certainly add that touch of magic to the whole night. You should be able to find some tours that go out to sea and if you manage to book a place on one of these tours, you should be able to get the deal for a reasonable price. However, it is important that you do not book tours like fishing tours because these are very unethical practices and you do not want to start your new life with something that is as unethical as that.

Instead, look for charter boats that go out to sea and take passengers with them where you will be able to book a place for both of you. If you inform the crew of your plans, they will likely be willing to help to make the event memorable for you. When you are out at sea, it is important that you do not use things like balloons and plastic decorations to make the event pretty because these things can end up in the ocean and cause much destruction. Instead keep it simple and try to organize a nice dinner on board the board with champagne and maybe candle light. If you do have some money to invest, you might find boats that specifically offer these services and are already equipped for hosting a magical night. They will already have the caterers, the tables and everything else that you will need for the night and all you will have to do is to book the whole package and there will be nothing else that you will have to do from your end.